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School Uniform

Reception/Primary/Secondary uniform

Pupils are required to wear a uniform of beige trousers, shorts or skirts with a pale blue school polo shirt. School zip-up jackets can be worn with this uniform on colder days.  

Secondary pupils may wear a non-uniform sweatshirt or jumper in winter, but this must be either dark blue or black and without a logo.

Please note: Larger sizes may not be available; if uniform is not available in your child’s size, you are requested to find clothing in the same colours as above (preferably with no logo).

Footwear needs to be sensible and sturdy to ensure children’s safety; therefore sensible shoes, trainers or sandals with heel straps are compulsory for all pupils. Footwear for everyday use should be plain black or dark blue only; no stripes, logos or patterns please. Pupils should wear plain blue, black, white or beige socks or tights.

Sports Kit

For Physical Education, all pupils are required to wear a uniform of a royal blue or pale blue school t-shirt and loose fitting shorts. Footwear needs to support the feet for playing sport, therefore should be a laced trainer; this can be any colour. Spare socks should be provided for hygiene. Pupils should keep a sports bag containing their sports kit in school at all times, except when it is taken home for washing after use.

Early Years

Pre-Foundation and Foundation 1 pupils are not required to wear school uniform. However, they are welcome to wear the same uniform as for primary school pupils if preferred.

Clothes should be suitable to play in, with a view that they might get dirty. Aprons are provided for art and water play.  As part of our ongoing commitment to developing independence, Early Years pupils should be dressed in clothing that  they are able to take on and off independently, avoiding belts and tricky fastenings. Pupils should have a school cap or hat* and a full change of clothing in school at all times. Please make sure that your child also wears sensible shoes or sandals.

School uniform is available from Pinocchio, Il Mercato Mall, Hadaba (opposite McDonald’s)

* School caps or hats are compulsory for all pupils during outdoor activities and breaks.

Please ensure that all clothing items worn to school are clearly labelled with the pupil’s name.

School Equipment (Supplies)

Please remember to check the school equipment list for items that your child needs to bring to school.

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